With integrity and collaboration, Mark Beamish Waterproofing’s operational impact goes beyond the construction site

Adam Beamish stepped in as President for his father’s business in 2009. However, this story dates back further than his induction. Founded in 1981, Mark Beamish Waterproofing (MBW) has become synonymous with excellence in waterproofing, caulking and coatings services, and in a recent interview with Adam, ǿ learns more about what has driven the success of this family business for over 40 years.

Since its humble beginning, Mark Beamish Waterproofing has grown to achieve impressive statistics – each year it waterproofs about 2.5 million square feet, caulks one million lineal feet, and polishes, stains, or coats four million square feet of concrete floors on thousands of jobs across the country.

Adam Beamish
Adam Beamish

Both father and son’s pursuit of quality has helped triple revenue while staying true to Mark Beamish Waterproofing’s (MBW) founding principles. “My father started the business out of a desire to provide for his growing family. But his goal was to establish the work on integrity. He wanted to find success by following the principles that he believed in. His experience prior to starting his own business was that the paychecks wouldn’t clear, his bosses would lie, cheat, steal and gamble away their money. So, I guess he just wanted to do his work honestly. He started caulking and sealants for tilt ups and paid careful attention to quality of work and customer service,” Adam begins.

Reflecting on his upbringing and his father’s blue-collar ethos, Adam’s initial reluctance to embrace the physical demands of construction was subsequent to a skiing accident, which geared him towards more theoretical practices. His father, on the other hand, saw Adam’s strengths as an opportunity to include a successor who could lead the company with a more business-minded perspective.

Sector specialists

Despite the challenges of modernizing the company and preserving its core values, Adam navigated the transition well. His approach was to align the organization with contemporary business practices while honoring its heritage. He shares: “We’ve fought so hard to keep the values my father instilled. When I took over in 2009, we added simple things like a website, emails and a really savvy ERP system, as well as processes, procedures, a mission, vision, and values – basically, all the aspects he had no interest in doing. So, our respective abilities have complemented each other and the needs of the business. It was a really beautiful hand over.”

In the last year alone, the business completed 697 projects, with a focus on multifamily work. “We service them differently from our locations. We operate our headquarters in Irvine, and we also work across the greater Los Angeles area. Additionally, we have an office in San Diego, which is more of a multifamily focus, and two locations in the Bay Area. The one in Hayward is multifamily focused, while the one in Lathrop is based on serving the distribution facility market. We’re doing our largest job in the backlog right now, which is at Pepperdine University, my alma mater. We’re building a sports arena for them. So, it is quite a wide portfolio, but multifamily and distribution is really where we shine,” Adam says.

Expanding product portfolio

When asked about any recent developments or investments to strengthen the company’s capabilities, Adam outlines that when he joined as President, he had a vision to ‘round the company’s services,’ which has interestingly added painting to waterproofing, caulking, and coating. Despite his initial skepticism in incorporating painting into the portfolio, Adam recognized the value of expanding MBW’s capabilities. His timely encounter with a talented painter, combined with a serendipitous alignment of visions, catalyzed opportunities into the painting sector. The collaboration yielded promising results, with the company contracting a staggering $7 million in the first year. Adam attributed this success not only to his colleague’s exceptional salesmanship but also to a sense of divine intervention.

Furthermore, Adam also details the company’s journey in developing an ERP system over the past decade. This initiative promises enhanced predictability and visibility, enabling Adam to transition from the office to the field efficiently. With plans in place to package and sell its new product, SubSmart, to other subcontractors, and pilot customers already on board, MBW anticipates greater stability with the assistance of the new ERP system. “The team is excited about it, because they felt like they helped develop and refine it, and they really appreciate the value and insight it brings us.”

Mark Beamish Waterproofing workforceSafety first

On the mention of teams, the conversation then steers towards industry influences and the collaboration he is experiencing across construction sectors. From Adam’s perspective, there is great synergy across the sector, and he is continually inspired by those who bring an admirable amount of expertise to the craft. “There are several products that we’ve helped manufacturers develop. But it’s never been from the point of having our name on the product, but more to better the industry in whatever way we can. I coach every new hire to bring their brains to work every day. If something doesn’t make sense, or it can be done faster or to a higher quality, I encourage them to speak up. We’ve seen this brilliant collaboration from the painters, who are now part of our crew, and that’s what I want to see across every aspect of our business,” he emphasizes.

Moreover, Adam’s views on transparency and support intertwine with a poignant reflection on safety, spurred by personal tragedy and a fervent commitment to preserving the lives of his team above all else. He recounts the profound impact of workplace accidents on the company’s culture. As a result, he has implemented robust safety protocols, regular training, and strategic partnerships with third-party consultants to ensure safety serves as the cornerstone of MBW’s reputation and operational ethos. “One story I’ll share happened a couple of years ago. Our superintendent at the time called his supervisor and said that the trench on the project we were working on wasn’t right. He didn’t have the data or the stats, but he suggested that we need to pull our guys off the site. So that’s what we did.

“I then got a call from the client, who obviously wasn’t happy that this would put the work behind schedule, but I supported the decision of the supervisor, and the next day, the trench collapsed. For me, I will always advocate for the safety of our team, above the money of the project – it’s non-negotiable,” Adam shares. He adds that the safety standards his team upholds make him incredibly proud of the work they do and the value they bring to each project.

Precision and dedication

Continuing the topic of people, Adam’s discussion on company culture reveals an unwavering commitment to employee support and community engagement. As a recognized top workplace, MBW’s culture of safety and transparency can be seen in every interaction, from personal celebrations to professional development initiatives like the Trailblazers Program. His emphasis on knowing and supporting employees on a personal level exhibits the company’s dedication to fostering a familial atmosphere where individuals feel valued. The business’ impact also extends beyond construction sites, with initiatives like the 100 Companies that Care Program and quarterly charitable giving that buttresses the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

Looking ahead, Adam notes that the company will continue to navigate the complexities of inflation and economic uncertainty with resilience. Rather than chasing new initiatives, the focus shifts to executing existing plans with precision and dedication. His aspiration to simply ‘stay awesome’ demonstrates a philosophy rooted in quality and client satisfaction, rather than arbitrary revenue targets.

Ultimately, Adam’s vision for the future is not constrained by numbers but is rather driven by a passion to be the best in the business. As MBW continues to evolve, guided by Mark’s principles of integrity, innovation, and community, the company’s future looks promising. “I don’t want to limit us. We want to deliver the best services, and we want our clients to know they can depend on us. We have a phenomenal team here, and I think we’ll keep doing great things,” he concludes.